Last Updated: August 5, 2021

A subprocessor is any business or contractor customer data may pass through as a side effect of using SightPlan’s service. This definition can be interpreted on a broad scope and includes things some might consider "hardware", like Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) in our case.

Third-Party Subprocessors

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country Website
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Application Infrastructure USA AWS
Apple SightPlan App Push Notifications, App Store USA Apple
Alvaria Urgent Maintenance Outreach for SightPlan Users USA Alvaria
Atlassian Internal Ticketing and Documentation System USA Atlassian
DocuSign Customer Agreement Signatures USA DocuSign
Google Google Analytics and Push Notifications, Store USA Google
GotoMeeting Sales - Presentations and Customer Meetings USA GoToMeeting
Intercom Customer Support - Chat USA Intercom
Intuit Quickbooks Cloud USA Intuit
MailChimp Application Infrastructure USA MailChimp
MapBox Map Views USA Mapbox
Office 365 Cloud Office Applications USA Microsoft 365
RingCentral Customer Success Help Line USA RingCentral
SalesForce Customer Relationship Management USA SalesForce
Slack Chat/Collaboration USA Slack
Sentry Application Error Tracking USA Sentry
SurveyMonkey Outreach Survey USA SurveyMonkey
Twilio Inbound and SMS for SP Customers USA Twilio
Zendesk, Inc. Customer Support - Web USA ZenDesk


As SightPlan grows and expands, the subprocessors we engage may also evolve. We will share any applicable updates to the subprocessor list here. Please come back to this page to stay in the know!