The resident loyalty solution.

Strengthen relationships by providing a private-label portal that lets community members interact with you on mobile or desktop when and where they want.

Ready to build stronger connections?
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Engage and connect.

Residents love knowing they have one spot they can visit to communicate, submit a service request, or find out if a package has been delivered. That’s why the app and portal are essential parts of enhancing the resident experience.

The notification screen in the app, which shows a resident that a service request was received and a package arrived
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Enriching lives.

Your residents want more than just a roof over their head. Help them balance their busy lives with technology that connects them with the community while also offering the service quality and accountability they expect.

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A positive impression.

Create a strong sense of community with a private-label experience that’s customized to reflect your branding. In-app messages, the marketplace, and voice assistant notifications will all feel familiar and trustworthy to residents.

Screen shot of the mobile app, showing how it’s customized with a community’s branding
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Get more good out there.

With a convenient line of communication, residents feel like they’re seen, heard, and part of the community. And naturally, boosting that connection leads to improved customer satisfaction and higher renewal rates.