The Modern Maintenance Solution

Service Quality is the number one factor considered by residents when renewing. Give your team the tools they need to provide a great resident experience and save up to $70,000 in controllable expenses.

Solve electrical issues


Resolve plumbing matters


Track appliances


Fix heating and cooling problems

Heating & Cooling

Keep your landscaping looking great


Improve your curb appeal


Resolve flooring issues


Work Orders

Create, Manage and Resolve Work Orders from Anywhere - Fast

Capture issues quickly with a combination of photos and audio and manage them with just a swipe on a smart shared task list. With a complete activity history and automated notifications everyone is kept in the loop.

Provide your maintenance teams with modern work order tools
Implement structured inspections programs


Streamline Inspections and Improve Fee Collection

Speed up your inspection process and gather the documentation needed to deliver an accurate assessment of the condition of units, amenities and assets. Get a clear view of resident policy compliance and mark violations or fee assessments with just a tap.

Preventive Maintenance

Bring Your Preventive Maintenance Plans to Reality

Automatic task scheduling, warranty monitoring and verified task completion fit together to help your teams best preserve assets. By identifying systemic issues early and maintaining top curb appeal you can extend the useful life and rent potential of your properties.

Ensure that your assets are maintained with verified preventive maintenance

Make Ready

Get Your Make Ready Process Organized

With built-in projects you have clear accountability and status for all the steps in turning units. Task links make dependencies obvious, so one task completion can be required before another is started. And tasks can be assigned to vendors too, so it’s easier than ever to coordinate multiple turns and get units lease-ready.

Improve the communication of your team members are improve their effectiveness

Team Communication

Keep Your Team Up-to-Date, Effortlessly

SightPlan combines easy-to-use communications with powerful maintenance tools to give context to tasks and the full history for every interaction. Mobile push notifications make it easy for team members to stay in the know even when they’re on-the-go.

Team Presence

Always Know Where to Find a Helping Hand

Your team members can easily share their availability on site, including their current location, to make it easier to determine the best positioned resource to resolve a matter. An On Call status enables team members to designate themselves as the go-to for after-hours tasks and improve responsiveness to residents.

Help your team members work better as a team with presence awareness

Access Control

A Simpler Way to Track and Pull Keys

With partnerships with physical and electronic key providers SightPlan makes it simple to control access to secure areas of your properties. In addition, integrated key pull data directly within task and place activity histories helps to control risks and more easily assess expenses.

Simplify amenity and unit access control

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