Identify risks in your asset pool.

Monitor the performance of your portfolio, develop strategic recommendations, and create capital improvement plans throughout the property lifecycle.

Ready to optimize your operation?
Overhead view of a beautifully maintained, crystal-clear pool
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Actionable information.

With deeper insight to your asset data, it’s easy to compare performance across multiple sites. Set up alerts that go out when certain conditions are met — warning your team about small issues before they become large-scale problems.

The notification screen in the app, which alerts managers about units that need HVAC service in the coming months
In-app alerts notifying the site team that there’s a hurricane warning in effect and assigning tasks for storm prep
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Protect your investment.

Get a realistic view of infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities with an asset management program that can help you maximize returns across your portfolio. In addition, the accompanying risk-mitigation efforts could lead to lower liability insurance premiums.

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Single source.

See one version of the truth for everything from work history and triggered tasks to vendor tracking and policies. It puts all team members on the same page with a comprehensive take on the health of your portfolio.

In-app reporting showing a digest of task status and resident satisfaction across four communities
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The path to success.

By closely monitoring asset condition and prioritizing tasks, your team has the ability to comply with national standards and meet internal benchmarks.