Inspect the Unexpected 

Automate the inspections process to quickly assess property and unit conditions, plan for capital improvement expenses, and monitor the performance of your portfolio.
“Since I started using SightPlan Inspect, my work life has been completely transformed; to enjoying real time reporting, instant results, shorter due diligence, and a more professional report for our clients.”
Carol Winfrey 
Director of Due Diligence, Lincoln Property Company

Get a snapshot of everything that matters.

Fast Inspections

Streamline property inspections with a mobile and tablet app on both iOS and Android, equipping your team to work offline and on the go.

Easy Documentation

Get the information you need by setting required fields like a photo, signature, condition, or description for any given question.

Team Coordination

Schedule and assign tasks to on-site team members, vendors, and contractors while tracking progress in-the-field.

Flexible Templates

Create, edit, and reuse customized forms on the fly to easily meet the needs of each property and process at no additional cost.

Cost Tracking 

Set standard costs associated with repairs and replacements and update them during inspections to build an accurate budget. 

Insightful Reporting

View real-time data using customized filters, allowing you to easily analyze, export, and share what you need to make informed decisions.

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