Case Study: Merion Residential

How Merion Residential used SightPlan to achieve their goal of having 95% of their service requests closed in 24 hours or less.

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Optimizing Service Through User-Friendly Operations Software

Merion Residential knows you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. As innovators in the multifamily industry, Merion Residential understands that part of attracting and retaining the right talent is equipping their teams with a workflow platform that empowers them to deliver exceptional service to residents.

The leading multifamily operator with communities in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast believes in being the company that keeps good company and strives to provide simply the best work environment for its team members. As such, they recognized the need to further support their teams and find a new mobile maintenance solution that would overcome the challenges of their rapidly growing team.

Their high expectations led them to search for a one-stop-shop to optimizing all areas of operations, but with an emphasis on the maintenance team. Previously, Merion Residential had worked with other service software but those just weren’t robust enough to meet their needs then, and especially not as the firm’s needs grew.

Enter SightPlan.


Merion Implements SightPlan’s User-Friendly System to Make Completing Tasks Easier

Merion found the solution with SightPlan. The intuitive mobile-first workflow platform provides a holistic solution that addresses all of Merion’s needs.

"In order for us to be really successful in our business, we wanted to find something that’s not only up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the world, but is leading the innovation to further improve our processes needs evolve and grow. SightPlan checked off all those items we were looking for in a mobile maintenance solution, as well as offered some we never even considered.”

Ron Javis

Vice President of Maintenance and Capital Improvements

The implementation process was easier than ever before. SightPlan runs through an app which can be downloaded to any smart device. As Bring Your Own Device policies and procedures have grown in multifamily, Merion implemented the program enabling team members to use their own devices. This resulted in a dramatically flattened technology learning curve as they were already familiar with their smartphone. Additionally, implementing BYOD reduced the financial impact of having to maintain an inventory of devices across all of Merion’s properties. Combine this with the usability and customer support of SightPlan, it simplified the entire roll out which lead to overall greater adoption of the new technology.

“My favorite thing about SightPlan is its simplicity. Researching past, present and create future tasks with ease. Anyone can do it. Even my less tech savvy technicians can navigate this platform. You can’t break it as I was told in my orientation to SightPlan and I truly stand behind that statement."
— Tony Oteri, Maintenance Supervisor at Champions Walk Apartments
“Once I got acclimated to all the features it has become a vital tool in my everyday tasks. Having everything in the palm of my hand to utilize work requests while keeping organized and not lose paper. The timelines allows us to schedule work and keep the customers informed on progress of tasks. Being able to directly call, email or text the customer gives a variety of contact and communication between us. Also being able to assign work requests to my crew and viewing completion times and customers response is a vital tool in keeping our residents satisfied. happy. I give SightPlan a hands-down 10 on usability and customer service.” 
— Tony Torres, Maintenance Supervisor at Bradenton Reserve Apartments


Setting the Standard for Operational Best Practices

From due diligence, inspections and everyday tasks, SightPlan enabled Merion Residential to create a uniform standard for best practices.

Merion is now using the real-time reporting features to see where the most time is being spent, and apply practical solutions to solve those challenges. Since using SightPlan, Merion’s on-site staff has increased accountability and closed service requests faster than ever–making a huge impact on their residents.

“I remember paper work orders 👎. They would blow off the cart, get wet in the rain or in your sweaty pocket and digging through banker boxes to research past work orders was a task all in itself. SightPlan played a huge part in our operations efficiency by having everything you need at your fingertips, plus our residents love it!"
— Tony Oteri

Since the implementation of SightPlan, the on-site teams at Merion are completing tasks faster than ever before and closing out the week with 0 open tasks – all while providing residents with exceptional service.

Residents are also taking notice of the improved communication and added transparency that SightPlan offers.

"Our retention has gone up on our properties. People are excatic. happy. They can text our maintenance tech with any additional details. It’s more of a personal experience, they get an alert that their work order has been completed before they leave the office. They know before they even get home that it’s going to be fixed. It’s just awesome."



service requests left open at the end of each week


average completion time

Growing team.



of portfolio closes week with 0 open work orders


of work orders closed within 12 hours

Increased retention and resident happiness.

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