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With decades of industry experience, the SightPlan team has an unparalleled understanding of community operations. Through that lens, we develop innovative, affordable solutions to help operators meet today’s challenges and those to come in the future.

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SightPlan is built on the principles of efficiency, improvement, and usability. Our powerful, flexible platform scales to meet the needs of any community.

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SightPlan is now a subsidiary of SmartRent, Inc. (NYSE: SMRT), a leading enterprise property technology company.

Founded in 2017 by former owners and operators, SmartRent saw the need to bring smart technology benefiting owners, operators, property managers and residents to the real estate industry. The company’s comprehensive product suite, comprised of smart home building hardware and cloud-based SaaS solutions, provides seamless visibility and control over real estate assets. These offerings were further augmented with the company’s acquisition of SightPlan in March 2022.

SmartRent and SightPlan’s robust, end-to-end enterprise platform increases efficiencies, delivers cost savings and additional revenue opportunities and elevates user experiences. For more information about SmartRent, please visit here.