Senior Android Developer

Orlando, FL

About the Position:

SightPlan is looking for a Senior Android Developer to join our team. We're a growing company that is changing how multifamily properties interact with their residents. Our Android application is used by properties all over the United States for day-to-day maintenance and operations, improving both the quality of work done by maintenance staffs and the quality of life of their residents. We're looking for you to own that experience. From Kotlin to RxJava to Dagger to Conductor, we're all about using the best tools to deliver quality applications. We're a culture that is very much open to new ideas, and you will be a key part in the architecture of our Android application going forward.

We are seeking a passionate, smart, driven developer who appreciates the camaraderie and focus of a small team in a startup culture. At SightPlan, you'll work directly with product planning, design, and engineering in a company that takes pride in quickly delivering groundbreaking solutions to its clients.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of mobile development experience
  • Current experience with the latest and greatest in Android development, best practices, and common architectures (MVP, Clean Architecture, etc.)
  • Ability to read and write effective Kotlin, translating between it and Java
  • Understanding and experience with common libraries such as RxJava and Dagger 2
  • Familiarity with UI libraries such as Conductor or Epoxy
  • In depth understanding of the differences between Activities, Fragments, and Views, as well as their lifecycles
  • Familiarity with common techniques to completely and safely handle Activity configuration changes
  • Experience using Crashlytics/Fabric/Firebase for release management and error reporting (we currently use Jenkins for automation, makes everyone's life easier :)
  • Ability to manage Gradle build configurations and library dependencies
  • Bonus Points: Experience with NoSQL data and Moshi


  • Partner with the design team to translate product vision and requirements into a polished native mobile experience for Android devices
  • Document architecture and implementation decisions
  • Ensure compatibility with API 21+ and a variety of device profiles
  • Participate in maintaining functional and unit test suites (we currently use Appium for automated UI testing)
  • Collaborate with Quality Engineering to identify and correct product defects
  • Bonus Points: Involvement in the local Android development community

Traits We Value:

  • Detail Obsession – The code you deliver is deployment-ready and tested
  • Can-Do Attitude – You don't back down from a hard decision or a tricky problem
  • Impatience – You can't wait to get started once decisions are made
  • Positivity – You take pride in energizing the people around you
  • Flexibility – There isn't one way to get something done, as long as it gets done
  • Openness – You love to share your hard-won tricks of the trade

About SightPlan:

SightPlan is revolutionizing Multifamily Resident and Service Management with its modern approach to managing work orders, resolving resident issues, and preserving assets.


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