Onboarding Coordinator

Orlando, FL
Customer Success

SightPlan is looking for an Onboarding Coordinator with a passion for meeting deadlines and customer support. This role will work closely with the Onboarding and Operations teams to assist with the launch of all new accounts and to provide technical support for customers in the multi-family industry using our operations and answering service applications for work order management. Candidates should have a high attention to detail in addition to being able to follow and improve pre-existing on-boarding procedures. The ideal candidate will have a genuine desire to provide exceptional service to our customers while being organized and self-motivated to complete assigned tasks on time.

At SightPlan, we work with a variety of vendors during the implementation process of our accounts which requires dexterity and problem solving to navigate the intricacies of partner systems in behalf of our clients. The Onboarding Coordinator will be responsible for working with vendors to assist in the launch of new customers and manage logistics for adding new services for existing customers.

What we are looking for: 

  • Candidates who are passionate, hardworking, motivated, and have a high sense of accountability.
  • Candidates should have a strong background in the MS Office suite, including strong abilities using Excel and PowerPoint (or OSX equivalents).
  • Candidates should have demonstrable customer service through both strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in both English and Spanish are greatly valued but not absolutely required.
  • Previous experience in customer relations position is a plus but not absolutely required.
  • Be able to thrive in a team-centric environment and adapt to established work flows.
  • Be able to live, and love, life under deadlines (they get things done).

What to expect from the position: 

  • Rapid work pace – the ability to switch from onboarding sites to handling calls with vendors will challenge a candidates’ ability to adapt to different situation; thus, developing valued problem-solving skills.
  • Basic text data extraction and manipulation via web-based applications, and Excel.
  • Usage of SightPlan’s advanced UI to successfully complete the implementation processes for multiple organizations across the Multi-Family landscape.
  • Schedule, execute, and follow up  on orders with a variety of vendors in order to successfully implement SightPlan services across entire portfolios.
  • Manage and track onboarding efforts through portfolio roll outs of large and small organizations.
  • Testing of voice-activated phone systems, mobile and web applications.
  • Thrive in an environment of excellence and positivity while going above and beyond of what’s required to achieve a positive impact in the overall organizational success (we support each other, but expecting nothing short of the highest quality and effort).

What to expect from us:

  • An environment of hard-working, A+ talented, positive folks who BELIEVE in excellence
  • A competitive salary and multiple benefits in a privately-owned fast growing company
  • A company dedicated to living its values
  • An opportunity to work with a team of industry-leading professionals with big, bold ideas

About SightPlan

SightPlan is revolutionizing Multifamily Resident Service and Asset Management with its modern approach to managing work orders, solving resident issues and enhancing asset value. SightPlan is Modern Multifamily.


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