Back-End Engineer

Orlando, FL

About the Position:

SightPlan is looking for a Back-End Engineer to join our team. We’re a growing company that is changing how multifamily properties interact with their residents. Our software is used by properties all over the United States for day-to-day maintenance and operations, improving both the quality of work done by maintenance staffs and the quality of life of their residents.

We are seeking a passionate, smart, driven engineer who appreciates the camaraderie and focus of a small team in a startup culture. You'll work directly with product planning, design, engineering and quality assurance in a company that takes pride in quickly delivering groundbreaking solutions to its clients.


  • Implement and maintain the web services and pipelines that power SightPlan's web and mobile offerings.
  • Produce robust, secure, available, and scalable contributions to our codebase.
  • Document your code and assist in its build and deployment to production.
  • Rapidly learn and become productive using multiple development stacks.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Web Services -  Experience designing and implementing secure, performant web services at  scale is required (multiple protocol/stack experience a plus)
  • Amazon Web  Services - Hands-on experience with serverless patterns using AWS Lambda and  API Gateway is highly desired; additional services are a plus (e.g. EC2,  CloudFront, ALB/WAF, Route53, Kinesis, SQS, CloudFormation, Beanstalk, VPC,  IAM)
  • NoSQL –  Real-world experience modeling and implementing solutions using  document-based database patterns is highly desired
  • Data Engineering  - Event-driven data pipeline and warehousing experience is a plus, especially  if it is with AWS services like Kinesis and Redshift
  • Ruby and/or Java  experience preferred.

Traits We Value:

  • Detail Obsession – The code you deliver is deployment-ready and tested
  • Can-Do Attitude – You don't back down from a hard decision or a tricky problem
  • Impatience – You can't wait to get started once decisions are made
  • Positivity – You take pride in energizing the people around you
  • Flexibility – There isn't one way to get something done, as long as it gets done
  • Openness – You love to share your hard-won tricks of the trade

About SightPlan:

SightPlan is revolutionizing Multifamily Resident and Service Management with its modern approach to managing work orders, resolving resident issues and preserving assets.


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