The Efficiency Drains


Property technology and smart home devices are largely designed to create operational efficiencies. But which traditional multifamily practices were the least efficient to begin with? Solutions like self-guided touring, which have the capability to fully replace guided tours and return time to associates’ work days, are obvious.

Here’s a few other areas where new solutions offer more subtle yet substantial benefits.  

Paper Forms 📄

Day-to-day property management has the potential to generate mountains of files, whether for applications, leases, maintenance requests, prospect follow-up or any number of other routine tasks. Operations models still based on paper forms and manual processes continue to tie up associates with the minutiae of paperwork. 

Mobile platforms, on the other hand, enable leasing associates, maintenance technicians and inspection teams to complete and submit documents from the field and in real time. Mobile solutions not only save precious time, but enable operators to quickly share information immediately, improving decision-making. 

Access Control 🎛️

Any multifamily associate who has dealt with physical keys and fobs understands the time and frustration they entail. Continually walking across the property to let in residents who locked themselves out of their homes, or providing access to vendors and delivery personnel, eats into the workday.  

Cloud-based access controls enable management teams to immediately issue new access credentials or temporary access from wherever they are, eliminating the legwork previously required. 

Maintenance Workflow 🛠️

Paper work orders and physical keys have plagued maintenance teams for decades, as well, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The continuous backtracking to pick up the next work order or to send an email to a resident, not to mention an inefficient task assignment system, created a process rife with inefficiencies. 

Mobile maintenance workflow platforms provide real-time lines of communication and establish work order logs accessible from anywhere. Routing and strategic task assignment capabilities further streamline the process. 

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