The Strategic Solution and SightPlan Announce Collaboration to Streamline BYOD Policy Implementation

Orrett Davis

SightPlan, in collaboration with leading policy management provider The Strategic Solution, is excited to provide a model Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for property management companies. The Strategic Solution is the multifamily industry’s leading provider of policy management solutions and brings a proven background in operations, management, and compliance. We are thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate together and provide a ready-made solution for property management companies. 

“The Strategic Solution have made outstanding partners and are proven thought leaders in implementing effective policies that streamline operations and reduce risk for management teams,"
– said Terry Danner, SightPlan CEO    

The overwhelming industry trend is towards utilizing mobile devices more and more in key operational capacities. Employees are already using their personal devices for work-related tasks and often remain connected throughout their work days. Yet issues around information security, employee privacy, and wage and hour compliance can cause concern for companies and result in delays in implementing company-wide mobile device programs.  

For most organizations, the benefits of adopting a BYOD program far outweigh potential downsides. From increased employee satisfaction and productivity, to potential cost savings for employers, to better documentation, BYOD programs can modernize work environments and generate significant return on investment. 

“We're thrilled to partner with SightPlan to drive an accessible BYOD policy to the forefront of our industry and provide the tools and technology necessary for management teams to evolve with current demands,"
– said Kendall Pretzer, President, The Strategic Solution. 

Together, The Strategic Solution and SightPlan are offering a complete BYOD policy package, free to the industry. This plug-and-play model policy and personal device agreement make it simple for any management company to implement a BYOD program within their own organization, and, in turn, realize the benefits that ready access to mobile tools can offer their organizations.

Download the BYOD policy here.

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