SightPlan Launches Resident Service Alexa Skill

Abigail McCrea

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our Amazon Alexa skill! With this new offering, residents will be able to submit service requests, get package notifications, and more through Amazon Alexa. The launch of our new Alexa skill allows residents have the flexibility to communicate on their channel of choice whether it be voice, app, text, etc.

Amazon Alexa Smart Apartment Technology

It seems like just about everyone is familiar with voice assistants on their smartphones today. The emergence of voice powered smart assistants like Amazon Alexa have created a new norm for home-life too with a reported 1 in 6 Americans now owning a voice enabled assistant.   

The popularity of voice in technology is growing rapidly across all user interfaces. In fact, it's expected that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020

Many different industries have taken the leap to voice powered technology including hospitality, travel and banking. It only makes sense that the multifamily industry stay up to speed with the technological demands of today's renters. Residents are beginning to not only desire but expect their homes to deliver these smart capabilities. Additionally, a recent survey found that 65% of baby boomers and 86% of millennial renters said they would pay more for apartments with smart home technology. 

Our Alexa skill integrations are a turning point for properties that want to stay relevant with the wave of technologically forward renters.

Not only is this smart home technology beneficial to residents, it also provides simplified workflows to on-site teams. One of the biggest concerns from community teams is the issue of receiving, sorting, and alerting residents of package deliveries and the strain it puts on office employees. The Resident Service skill can now automate the package delivery process by notifying residents when they have a package, and allowing teams to focus on their daily responsibilities.

Just like our Resident Service App can be customized to fit your community's brand and style, SightPlan's Alexa skill allows you to brand the voice of your organization. With personalized assets, residents can easily identify your community as home. 

To start utilizing the Resident Service Alexa skill in your community, schedule a demo with us here

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