3 Ways Service Management Software Can Help with Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

With hurricane season in full swing and the impending threat of Hurricane Florence on the southeastern United States, having a disaster preparedness program and the right operations solution in place is critical for the safety of residents and the protection of your communities.

Thousands of communities have leveraged SightPlan’s Answering Service and Operations Suite to assist in their disaster preparedness efforts. Here are three ways SightPlan can help your communities stay ahead of storm risks.  

1. Be Prepared Ahead of Time  

Ensure that you’ve covered your bases before disaster hits by completing inspection requests and prescriptive work ahead of time. SightPlan’s built-in templates features enable you to create custom checklists to ensure critical items are addressed before an incident. Templates can be tailored to your community and your specific needs based on the type, size, and amenities of your property. Notify residents and staff to complete the checklists and take the necessary steps to be certain their personal and common spaces are prepared for all possibilities.

2. Notify Your Residents

When disaster strikes, having reliable communication with residents and staff becomes critical. With SightPlan, you can reach your community through a variety of channels including email, SMS broadcast, and in-app notifications. Ensuring the safety of your community is a top priority during times of emergency, and it is imperative to be able to communicate with residents through every available channel.

In addition, through the announcement feature in SightPlan’s Answering Service, you can keep your residents aware with prerecorded voicemails with relevant information. These messages can be recorded on any web browser and set up to let your residents know about important property information, such as when your office will reopen, the availability of services, and emergency contact information. These announcements can be managed across multiple properties allowing for a simplified notification system across a region if multiple communities may be impacted.

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3. Document Everything

Encourage residents and staff to document any issues and create service requests through the SightPlan Resident App. SightPlan’s rich media support allows residents to report concerns they encounter as easy as taking a photo on their smartphones. Not only can residents document concerning matters within their homes, but also around the community. Resident submitted issues help your staff get a full assessment of the impact to the community and surface problems that you might otherwise not be aware of.  

We’re Here to Help

The SightPlan team is available to assist you and your staff with disaster preparedness efforts. It is our priority that every community stays safe during the upcoming storm. If you’d like our help in setting up your preparedness or communications plans, please contact help@sightplan.com. We’re here to help!

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