SightPlan Introduces One-Click Customizations for Resident App & Portal

Haley Fielding

Private labeling, custom navigation and app deep-linking make it easy to deliver a custom resident experience.

SightPlan, an industry leader in multifamily software solutions, announces the release of expanded Resident App & Portal customizations. This new functionality makes it simple for any community to create or modify custom content sections in the Resident App & Portal for community polices, neighborhood guides, amenity information, and to connect third-party content and apps.

“The custom content feature is an amazing feature and a great way to pass consistent, pertinent, community-specific information to your resident base!  It allows you to customize the content to your community and helps to keep residents informed at their fingertips without having to make time-consuming calls to the office,” says Paul Muriuki, Senior Business Manager at Alexan North Station.

With just a click, community team members can publish content or links to residents to help them get the most out of their community. Floorplans, roommate policies, local events, social media connections, and online reputation sites can all be included. With app deep-links, custom content can also include connections to other apps and can even open those apps.

“Partnering is in our DNA. We’re very proud of the great supplier relationships we have and these new capabilities make it even easier for our customers to combine functionality from best-of-breed suppliers to craft a Resident App & Portal experience that fits perfectly into their communities.” Joseph Westlake, President of SightPlan

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