Oddo Development: Reliability and Responsiveness When Your Residents Need It Most

“Crisis is something no one wants to have to manage,” said Jeannette Cox, Executive Vice President for Oddo Development. “Having a technology partner like SightPlan, that has proven to go above and beyond to help ease the stress on our teams, is invaluable.  Their ability to respond and make adjustments quickly that fit our needs has been beyond impressive and the solutions have made great improvements to our daily operations. They have already taken great care of us and we are so appreciative of their partnership and collaboration.”

In times of uncertainty, we begin to see those who rise to the occasion and meet new challenges head on. That time is now, especially for the apartment industry as we operate within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oddo Development is a strong example of rising to the challenge with confidence. They continue to operate effectively and provide exceptional service to their residents while keeping their teams safe.

Oddo Development is a SightPlan customer who found success by leveraging resident and team member communication tools:

  • Pre-recorded Answering Service messages to scale community updates at all hours
  • Broadcast messaging for consistent communication
  • Resident notifications on their terms (SMS, text, email, in-app)

As new scenarios arose across their communities, Oddo identified a need for an alternative method to communicate important messages to their residents. In less than 48 hours, SightPlan’s U.S. based product and engineering teams was able to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy the release of Resident Service Request Notice.

This feature, born from direct feedback, had an immediate positive impact on Oddo’s operations.

“The addition of this new feature has significantly reduced the amount of non-urgent requests, allowing myself and my team to operate safely and effectively.”
— Commented Nick Schmalz, Maintenance Supervisor
“We appreciate the partnership we have with SightPlan. They have demonstrated a commitment to working with us in the betterment of our daily operations and resident satisfaction.”
– Kelly Pfannenstiel, Director of Operations

With the green light from Oddo, the Resident Service Request Notice was then released to all SightPlan customers, enabling their properties to better mitigate the increase of non-urgent requests with a custom notification within the Resident App and Portal.

Resident Service Request Notice, helps mitigate the onslaught of non-urgent resident requests, allowing on-site teams to operate safely and effectively.

“SightPlan’s ability to step in and help our customers with a solution that yielded immediate success across their portfolio is what we strive for. Everyone is finding themselves in situations never experienced before. The opportunity to deliver what our customers need is allowing SightPlan to be the solution that is truly working for them and facilitating safe, scalable and reliable tools for on-site teams working the front lines.“
— said Terry Danner, SightPlan’s CEO
"This isn’t the first time SightPlan has been responsive to our immediate needs. When we wanted our service request documentation by category and sub-category, SightPlan’s Customer Success team responded immediately”
— added Pfannenstiel

We are all taking this one step at a time. The people you choose to surround yourself with will define your ability to react and provide exceptional service to your residents and support to your teams. Oddo’s partnership with SightPlan has defined them as a reliable and responsive company in a time when people need it most.

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