New Ways of Optimizing Staffing


With more property management companies making the switch to centralized maintenance teams, logistics and resource management become primary considerations. Optimized deployment of man hours and supplies is essential to ensure assets are adequately maintained and protected.

Workflow Management Systems Make a Difference📱

Through mobile workflow management systems, powered by machine learning capabilities, operators can strategically assign tasks to either the closest, most qualified or next available technician. Such capabilities reduce transit and labor times and improve response times and resident satisfaction. 

• Mobile workflow platforms can route maintenance technicians through their daily task lists in the most efficient order, whether within the same property or between multiple properties.

• Tasks can be assigned by skill set to ensure a qualified or certified technician responds to plumbing, electrical or HVAC service requests, saving time and reducing liability and risk. 

• In emergency maintenance situations, mobile workflow platforms can assign the task to the nearest technician, allowing centralized teams to respond quickly and limit property damage.

• The real-time communication features built into mobile maintenance apps enables technicians to provide property teams and residents with updated information like estimated arrival times, and creates a communication log for each task. 

• Comprehensive asset data – lists of every appliance, fixture and material component for each property and portfolio – including warranty information and repair logs, are available for each asset on the property, putting actionable information at the fingertips of technicians.

• Mobile maintenance systems can also track available supplies and backstock, allowing maintenance managers to stay on top of procurement. 

Choose the Right Tools 🛠

Shared maintenance teams, as well as shared supplies, parts and resources, require deliberate deployment to optimize workflow efficiency. When using the right tools, operators can effectively manage their staffing challenges and properties.

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